Mailbox Decal - Bass Fish

$14.99 $33.95


Customize your fishing-themed mailbox with our high-quality Bass Mailbox Decal. Made from durable outdoor vinyl, this decal features a large bass fish and two lines of personalized information, such as your name and address or house number and address. With over 20 color choices to choose from, you can easily match the decal to your style.

Our Bass Mailbox Decal offers a great alternative to traditional mailbox stickers that easily peel and fade in the sun. These decals will not peel or fade, ensuring long-lasting visibility for your guests, emergency vehicles, and postal carriers. The decal can be placed on one or both sides of the mailbox, and you can also add numbers to the front door if desired.

Available in both standard (12"w x 4.5"h) and jumbo (17.5"w x 7"h) sizes, you can choose the size that best fits your mailbox. The numbers on the front door measure 3” wide x 1.7” tall. Upgrade your mailbox with the Bass Mailbox Decal today!

*mailbox not included